3D printer module

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3D printer module

The printer module we’ve developed with our costumer was based on Digital Light Processing (DLP), a patented technology from Texas Instruments. The printer can build up 3D structures based on images composed by an array of 1024×768 Micromirror. A lamp, sending his light beam to the Micromirror Array, that must be controlled in order to set the pixel state (on/off/grey), compose the image requested for each layer of the structure. This module has been designed for odontoiatric and jewellery applications, but can be customized for most of the applications depicted below.

Main Features

  • 1024×768 XGA resolution, Alluminium Micromirror (10um pitch)
  • Easy Synchronization With Cameras and Sensors
  • -Three Configurable Output Triggers
  • -Two Configurable Input Triggers
  • Configuration Interface via USB

Product Description

The module is designed for industrial 3D printer, just 24V supply and USB configuration cables are requested.

  • Port1: 24V in
  • Port2: Mini USB configuration (application download)
  • Port3: Micromirror surface. Where the light must be addressed with lens or and other optical components.


  • Jewellery
  • odontoiatric
  • 3D machine vision
  • 3D printing
  • Robotic Guidance
  • spectroscopy
  • Lithography
  • Head Up Display
  • Smart Headlights
  • Interactive Surface
  • Smart Home
  • Medical


Ordering Informations

The module is pre-certified, ready for the production and to be integrated on your machine.
This board can be easily customised based on specific client requirements!
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information: –> sales @ dwavesrl.it


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Marzo 15, 2018