ADSL and VDSL solutions

ADSL and VDSL solutions


This project was realized for a famous Italian multinational company, that leads the world in the market of microelectronic communication systems. The customer company is an international leader in innovative solutions development applied both for electronic consumer devices, and for automotive and industrial systems.


In the years 2000-2005, the world of information has been greatly changed by the introduction into the market of new communication technologies on the twisted pair as ADSL and VDSL.
These technologies allowed a significant increase in the bandwidth available to the user and a revolution in the habits of a large part of humanity.


It was given a contribution to the development of this important technology in particular in lower layers of communication such as physical layer and TC -layer. The technological environment in which we work is ASIC of SoC design, inclusive of microcontroller, DSP devices, analog front-end and mixed signal parts.


We collaborated on the channel model realization, of the analog parts, integrated or otherwise, and the digital parts. The models were subsequently made ​​more detailed with a measurement campaign.
It was therefore possible to fully understand the system and have access to a simulation environment in which testing new processing structures or else experience new algorithmic solutions.


With an accurate characterization, it has been possible to identify and overcome several limitations of performance allowing to obtain solutions the cutting edge of technology.
At the same time we have been operating in different technological contexts designing the structures of digital processing. Several algorithms of the physical layer also have been realized​​, implemented and tested, among which those of Bit & Gain, those of channel equalization, of echo cancellation.


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May 8, 2014