High definition audio communication system

High definition audio communication system


In the railway sector, DWave offers high technological solutions that have been implemented by major companies both in national and in foreign markets. Customer companies, historical and well-established Italian industries, are among the major market leaders in the production of railway vehicles, in the production of interior furniture of the vehicle and in the development of vehicular communication systems.


The new communication technologies are also applied in industrial and transport sectors. The information to passengers may therefore be distributed by digital systems with high reliability and definition.


Create a system of simple installation capable of carrying audio streams with CD quality (PCM, 44.1kHz sampling frequency). The audio signal must be synchronized with the video signal.


We analyzed buses and standard protocols available but not solutions were found which ensured reliability, robustness, noise immunity and the required quality for the application. New technologies could provide the desired performance.


The audio communication system is designed starting from the physical layer, with a strong coding, and the ability to self-align to a source of reference. The modular structure ensures easy installation and maintenance.



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May 8, 2014