Wireless Multi-Bridge System

Wireless Multi-Bridge System
The easiest way to do a cable replacements for three audio/video channels using the 5.8GHz frequency. For you!

The Wireless Multi-Bridge system consist of the transmitter and the receiver . It supports up to three analog video and audio channels through the 5.8GHz ISM band and one 2.4GHz ISM channel using a single RF interface. This feature helps the user to reduce the total amount of antennas, RF power amplifiers, RF filters and power sources required by the whole wireless system. It also reduces the required room for the wireless end-points. The three 5.8GHz ISM channels can be set using the on board jumpers in order to avoid interferences with other wireless equipments.




Power consumption (max x 3 channels):

V_IN 24V
I_INmax 0,4mA
V_IN 24V
I_INmax 0,27mA

Temperature Range:

Storage -40 +85°C
Operating -10 +60°C

The Wireless Multi-Bridge System at glance

Item Device Performance
RF Deviation- Video (Input 10KHz, 1Vpp) 3.9MHz
RF Deviation- Audio (Input 1KHz, 1.5Vpp) 70kHz
Antenna Port Impedance 50 Ohm
5.8GHz Carrier Frequency Accuracy ±300kHz
Audio subcarrier frequency right 6.5MHz left 6MHz
Video-Audio Mod/Demod Type FM-FM
RF output power 20dBm
RF Input Level min. -85 max. -10 dBm
Channel Frequencies 1-7 5740MHz – 5860MHz
Video Output Signal Level 1V P-P, typ. (+/-0.2Volt)
Video Frequency Response +/-5 dB, max. 50Hz~5.5MHz
Video S/N Ratio (100KHz, 1VP-P Sine Wave) 40dB, min.
Audio Output Frequency Range 50Hz ~ 20KHz
Audio Output Signal Level (Modulation Signal: 1kHz Sine Wave) 2Vp-p


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August 4, 2014