Custom services

Our expertise is at your disposal.
Our experience acquired in the field of electronic design, applied to multiple industries, makes us the ideal partner to support you in complex projects or to train professionals in specific fields.
Customer support starts with a feasibility analysis of the project, ends with the approval of the developed devices. Our services also includes an analysis of existing products with a focus on reducing production costs. In each path we ensure the application of the current methodology of project and document management. We create added value by providing you our expertise.

RF / Hardware design, Firmware & Software

The Radio Frequency/hardware design is a fundamental part of our services. DWave has a vast experience in designing and manufacturing complete electronic systems.
We can design for you radio frequency systems, boards, amplifier and filters to the antenna up to  30GHz

The firmware design allows us to provide intelligence and connectivity to electronic solutions. The experience in the development of firmware for DSP, microcontrollers and microprocessors (ARM, PowerPC, x86), combined with established partnerships with leading manufacturers of silicon, provides our clients with the most technologically advanced solutions.

We can provide you with a deep knowledge of operating systems, both proprietary and open-source: DSP, (eg. DSP-BIOS), for μC(eg. Free RTOS and uClinux) and µP (eg. OpenWrt, YOCTO, Embedded Linux, QNX and Windows).

Our team has also deep knowledges of networks (OpenWrt) and scripting development (Python).

Communication systems

One of our strengths is the design and realisation of communication systems based on programmable and flexible devices. We are able to design algorithms and/or proprietary technologies for the most challenging needs relying on technologies such as DSP, FPGA and ARM. We develop all layers of the ISO/OSI stack in order to achieve excellent performance and reliability.


We believe in the importance of ongoing education. Therefore we constantly keep up our knowledge, through our partners, trade magazines and professional training. We provide our knowledge to you by offering courses to organisations and companies. A selection of our interventions includes:

  • University Master of High Apprenticeship for Industrial Innovation entitled “Methods and technologies for product innovation and process innovation.”
  • Course on “Architecture of high-speed digital interface for the industrial and railway fields ” (at a client’s company)
  • Course “Advanced routing in printed circuit boards” (at a client’s company)
  • Presentation of “Technological Innovation in Telecommunications” to Telecommunications Engineering students, Padova University, Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science.