ARTEX – Arduino Real Time Expansion shield

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ARTEX – Arduino Real Time Expansion shield

The board ARTEX developed and produced by DWave is an Arduino DUE compatible shield.

It is used to provide to the Arduino DUE board external isolated analog or digital inputs and relay output. The three of the six digital inputs are connected to the Arduino DUE encoder inputs. All digital inputs are in negative logic. The two analog inputs are isolated. The related on-board ADCs are connected to the Arduino DUE SPI bus with two separate Chip Select. For more information regarding this topic, please, refer to the Arduino DW0105-00 software library.All digital/analog inputs are included in JP9 connector.

The solution also includes two isolated output Relays (Normally Open) included in JS3.

All input and output are mutually isolated except all signal with the reference in common (see pin description).

Main features

    • Arduino DUE shield
    • Two Isolated 0-24V analog inputs, fast acquisition time
    • Three isolated Encoder 24V inputs
    • Three Isolated Digital 24V Inputs
    • Two isolated relays (N.O.), 24V maximum (customizable front end)
    • PCB dimensions: 119mm x 60mm


    • Industrial process control
    • Real time application
    • Railways application

    Others Important Parameters

    Op. Temp. -40 +85°C
    Power supply via USB 2.0
    Board Dimensions 119 x 60mm (connectors excluded)
    Supported Standards USB 2.0

    All the informations are available on the datasheet:Download datasheet

    Ordering Informations

    Price: 120 €  1 pcs. shipping costs excluded.
    Ordering informations: please send an e-mail to –> sales @


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September 26, 2017