DWiMX8 Industry4.0

The DWiMX8 Industry4.0 is a module capable to enable your machine to Industry 4.0.

Main Features

  • i.MX8 chipset
    • CPU: Cortex A53 quad core for Linux based applications
    • Micro Controller: Cortex M4 for Real time applications
  • Real time Expansion via Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA
  • Real time I/O connectivity for Sensors and Actuator
  • I/O on DB15 at 24V
  • 3x Integrated  Stepper Motor Controller Up to 2.5A 24V
  • Support to the most used INDUSTRY 4.0 protocols PROFINET, EtherNet /IP, Modbus/TCP, BACnet/IP, EtherCAT e POWERLINK, CAN 12Mbps
  • Gbit ETH, USB OTG and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Dimensions (max):  L 216mm  x H 160mm

Product Description

  • Port1 (Faston): 24V supply
  • Port2 (2x RJ45): AnyBus
  • Port3: USB OTG
  • Port4: USB host
  • Port5: Gbit EHT
  • Port 6:  JP9 Capacitive touch
  • Port 7: JP3 Digital IN (5V)
  • Port 8: JP16 Analog IN (5V)
  • Port 9: JP15 Analog IN (5V)
  • Port 10: JP5 Fpga Digital Out (ext Led1 -3.3V)
  • Port 11: JP6 Fpga Digital Out (ext Led1 -3.3V)
  • Port 11: JS6 (optional) Camera MIPI-CSI
  • Port 12: JP20 Digital Output (24V )
  • Port 13: JP2 Digital Output (24V )
  • Port 14: CN4 (optional) LVDS out to LCD
  • Port 15: JP1 DB9 (optional) CAN, RS232
  • Port 16: JS1 DB15  2xRelay NO/NC (24V), Supply User 24V. Command IN (24V).
  • Port 17: CN2 USB debug
  • Port 18: JP17 2x Input Capture (5V)
  • Port 18,19,20: JP13,11,12  Stepper Motor Controller (24V, 2.5A)
  • Port 21: CN1 FPGA Real Time I/O and Supply 24V (12A)

  • Robotics
  • Packaging
  • Industry 4.0
  • IoT

Ordering informations

Contact us: sales @ dwavesrl.it