Ethernet Over Coax

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Ethernet Over Coax

The device developed and produced by DWave allows three specific usage:

1- Basic

simply use your existing coaxial cable to carry the ethernet data, coming from / going to, other devices like PC, SWITCH, etc… Connect your RJ45 connector to Port1 and the coax on Port2.<>br

2- Enhanced +

in addition to the BASIC functionnality you can connect, on Port3, the DVBS/S2 signal coming from your LNB or SET- TOP BOX. In this case your COAX cable is carring the data from/to ETH 100 and the DVBS/S2 signal.

3- Enhanced ++

in addition, you can connet DC IN plug on Port4 (48 VIN) in order to provide supply over the COAX cable on Port2. Otherwise you can connect a plug on Port5 in order to receive Supply voltage from the COAX cable to Port5. The three mode, BASIC, ENANCHED+ and ENANCHED++ can be used individually, or two of the three, as you prefer.

Device Summary

Port# Description
Port1- ETH100 baseTx Bidirectional 100 baseTx signal
Port2- COAX Coaxial to Set TOP box
Port3(+1) – DVB-S/S2 DVB-S/S2 signal coming from LNB
Port4(++)- DC_IN Supply the LNB
Port5 (++)- DC_OUT Supply from LNB

Others Important Parameters

Op. Temp. -40 +85°C
Cable length Transmission distance of up to 250 meters (850 feet). It works only with point to point connection. It will not work if there is a splitter between the two EoC adapters
Power consumption No need to provide power supply
Box Dimensions 59 x 59 x 29mm (connectors excluded)
Supported Standards 100BaseTx, DVB-S/S2


    • TVCC retrofit: great for migrating analog video surveillance systems to IP camera based systems
    • Passive adapter for Ethernet transmission over a coaxial cable
    • Great for buing a 100Mbps home network over existing in-house coax cabling
    • Domotics
    • Low cost and easy to install

All the informations are available on the datasheet:Download datasheet

Ordering Informations

The device is available on stock (25 pcs. left).
Price: 50 €  1 pcs. shipping costs excluded.
Order: please send an e-mail to –> sales @


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September 19, 2017