MIOAQU functional module (MICA ecosystem)

MIOAQU functional module (MICA ecosystem)

The MIOAQU functional module was developed for the MICA ecosystem. DWave, as HARTING partner, has designed some functional modules for the MICA.

Main Features

  • DW0108 board is a MICA functional module.
  • Based on FTDI controller.
  • USB and power supply isolation to/from CPU module.
  • 2x RS-485 interfaces
  • 8x Digital Inputs 24V
  • 2x PTC (3/2 wire)
  • 2x Analog Inputs 0-10V
  • 2x Analog Inputs 4-20mA
  • 1x 24V_max Relay N.O (N.C. as mounting option)

Product Description

The module is designed for industrial application. Integrating the module on the MICA housing you can enable acquire the most standard sensors from the field and logging the measurement over the cloud. All the benefit of the MICA ecosystem plus the benefit of the standard sensinsg, one relay output and 2x RS485 interfaces! Ready for the most challenge applications.

  • Port1 standard High density DB26 connector: Analog inputs and one digital output

Info from MICA Network


  • Industrial process control
  • Robotic Guidance
Download datasheet

Ordering Informations

The module is in available as engineering samples, ready to be integrated on your system.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information: –> sales @ dwavesrl.it


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April 26, 2018