Multimedia transmission in a mobile network

Multimedia transmission in a mobile network


The multimedia sector, defined as the area of research for new communication technologies, sees us working in close contact with the academic world. The innovative modern and international atmosphere, on which we can work consolidates the skills of partners and strongly characterizes the technical solutions developed.


Since 2001, with the appearing of new and accessible technologies in telecom, the world of communication between people continues to strongly develop. People involved in the communication market are always looking for new ideas to get connectivity solutions in each usage context. Is common knowledge that images are a preferred vehicle used for experiences exchanges or advertising campaigns.


Make the exchange of images, related to objects and places, easily accessible even when using a mobile device. The communication channel for mobile devices did not allow to send large amounts of data but at the same time the end user wanted to view the image in a shorter time.


To obtain a solution that can answer the demanding technical requirements, it has been necessary to consult articles and books written by academic researchers involved in the multimedia area. Moreover, participation at seminars and themed courses has provided the theoretical background which can underpin implementative solutions.


The adopted solution uses the wavelet transform for image compression coding. Thus it is possible to reduce the amount of data to transmit, at the same perceived quality, and it is possible to view images, with a reduced quality, before all the data have been transferred. Java technology has allowed to develop a single solution both in Web and in mobile contexts.



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May 8, 2014