Process control and automation

Process control and automation


Established industrial reality, consolidated partner of many companies operating in the automotive and plastics industry. The customer is specialized in highly automated industrial processes and has strong productive flexibility to meet the demands of its customers.


The availability of new and mature technologies in the field of process control and the increasing cost of raw materials and energy, companies with high volumes of production should search for new organizational solutions which would be able to maximize resources materials and staff available.


Production manager needs to be constantly updated on the progress of the production in order to know the real daily production capacity and to be informed of any scraps, malfunction or unforeseen problems. In this way, the manager is able to rephrase the working plan and to know the final balance of energy consumption and resources.


First of all, were arranged meetings with the manager of production in order to bring out all the critical points of the control process system. At the same time, meetings took place to learn about the production systems within the company and the procedures followed by the operators. This led to the formulation of a shared information system to be developed, based on innovative and tailor-made communication technologies for the customer.


The implemented system consists of several elements. A wireless multifunction Industrial device with touch-screen monitor, a wireless industrial device for the coordination of the system and the centralization of information and a device interacting with the management system headed by the production manager.
In this way we create a two-way wireless communication system that allows the production manager to post the working plan to on field operators and to receive the state of progress and the consumption information. The operator can see on screen which plan is intended for the machine within its remit and can place information about the progress and any reports of malfunctions/breakdowns.



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May 8, 2014